Lead Free JIG HEAD

Jig Head VERTIHIGHT PRO , lead free

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This range of JIG heads was entirely designed by VIF to fit all sizes of lures, from the  smallest of 3 '', to the largest of 8 '' !!!

These lead free jig heads protect the environment, have no impact on the aquatic environment, unlike traditional jig heads.

Developed specifically for vertical fishing, based on tungsten alloy, they have a similar density to lead. These heads are made with strong iron hooks that are ultra sharp (round or barbarian).

They are available, like the jig range, in three shapes (ball, 15g and 18 g, shoe, 15 and 18g or 18g, Fishhead, 15, 7g) so adapted for vertical fishing in all conditions.


Jig Head GREEN JIG, biodegradable technology

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This range is a revolution in fishing with soft lures. Designed by VIF, they adapt to all situations and are versatile, whether you're fishing with linear or vertical techniques in a boat.

This range developed by VIF is a major innovation. Created and developed in France, Velay Innovative Fishing  has developed the first Biodegradable jig head. A patented innovation that is unprecedented and unique.

If by bad luck, the Jig Head remains attached to the bottom of the lake, environmental kinetics (water, microorganisms, oxygen) causes jig  head to biodegrade, with zero impact on the environment and on the aquatic environment.



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