DYNEEMA Technical Braid 4 and 12 strand


Ultime-Line is a range of braid, very technical in 4 strands or 12 strands developed with  specialized in the braid for more than 100 years, VIF products are 100% DYNEEMA ,

The ULTIM-LINE braid composed of 100% PE DYNEEMA high quality fiber is designed to meet all your expectations whatever the type of fishing.



JM9A7287 JM9A7320 JM9A7336


Equipped with an elasticity close to zero, a high resistance to abrasion and knots, from 12 to 35 / 100e. (130 et 300m)

JM9A7284 JM9A7315 JM9A7299 JM9A7330

Thanks to its flexibility and smooth braiding, the Ultim-Line ® is also characterized by its absence of shape memory and an optimized sliding,

  • 100% PE DYNEEMA
  •  Smooth braiding.
  • zero elasticity
  • Very good glide
  • High resistance to knots and abrasion
  • Without memory shape
  • 12 strand braid on the market